UPPER MATERIAL: Vegetable tanned leather. Raw hides from southern Germany and Spain - tanned without chemicals in nearby family run tannery Aveneda. It's backyard compostable in certified 15 days. Sturdy with a soft hand-feel. We chose to accept more scared areas for our production to keep the cost moderate with less precious leather going to waste.

OUTSOLE: We use a trusted and iconic outsole design with a perfect blend of durability, grip and comfort. Not opening new and exclusive outsole molds saves cost and requires less resources.  It's made of 100% natural latex rubber.

TRIMS: Like our organic cotton laces and our recycled PU footbed all of the materials we have used have gone through extensive vetting against comfort, durability and sustainability.

STRAP: We source the seatbelt material from nearby junkyards so every shoe might be slightly different in appearance.