Our material choices follow 3 principles

for long days on your feet.

The supple unlined leather hugs your foot and follows it's complex movements unrestricted. Recycled PU foam with a light memory effect serve as the footbed and provides a surprising amount of cushioning. More recycled foam around the collar complete the snug but ultra flexible feeling of the ZEE1.

for an increased lifespan and extended enjoyment.

Our solution for ensuring even power distribution from the laces to the mid-foot: reclaimed seatbelt straps from a local scrapyard. 

Leather is the most durable and long lasting material used in footwear. We are always testing new materials and hope to be able to offer plant based alternatives soon.

Our sturdy natural latex outsole is extremely abrasion resistant while staying soft and flexible.

for reducing waste when the shoes reach the end of their life cycle.

The leather we use is fully compostable after 20 days. And while our natural rubber latex outsole will take a while longer, the abrasion it undergoes over its lifetime won’t contribute to the micro-plastic problem.